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The Stor-Con Company was formed in 1977 as a sales and project management company serving the metal building industry.  Our perception at the time was that the large metal building manufacturers that were to be our customers could use assistance with their newfound market serving the requirements of overseas clients who had need of complete turnkey buildings for various uses. We became very adept at pinpointing their requirements and supplying the expertise needed to achieve their goals of a complete project.

In 1981, at the request of some of our clients, we started to do the industrial detailing of some of the projects we were involved in. When the oil related industry took a downturn a couple of years later, the project management end of the business gradually vanished while the need for the industrial detailing end picked up.


Over the years we have brought in associates that are highly skilled at the art of industrial detailing to provide our clients with the best possible finished product. We generally like to keep 10 to 20 industrial detailers on staff. Most of the industrial detailers have been here at least 10 years.

Our skills as a company have enabled us to undertake many pre-engineered projects that are out of the ordinary. We have done projects that range from simple boxes to those with hip/valley roof conditions. We have done hangars with over 600 feet clearspan between columns. We have done large storage buildings 400 feet wide by 930 feet long with a modified gambrel roof. We have done commercial projects ranging from amphitheaters to many of the show palaces in Branson, Missouri. Of course, along the way, we have done our share of churches, many of which have been featured in various industry magazines.


Pre-engineered buildings, while the basis of our work, are not the only industrial detailing we do. We have also done many Class A structural projects ranging from petrochemical plants to commercial buildings.

Many of our clients, at one time or another, have asked us to provide something extra for some of their projects. This has always been taken as an opportunity to expand our repertoire and has enabled us to provide better services to all of our clients. These requests have been for anything from drawings provided in a particular CAD format to learning and using a proprietary software product specifically for that client.

So many requests for specialty computer work have been received over the years that we now have a full time IT department to deal with our computing and networking needs.

The personalized and professional services that we provide keep our customers returning time after time. This helps our company grow and also helps our customers companies grow. If we can help you grow then please feel free to contact us.


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