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We have been using MicroStation in house since 1992, when we were required to use it as a condition of receiving a large project for the Army Corps of Engineers.  Seeing the advantages that MicroStation had over our previous CAD package, we switched to MicroStation and have added numerous seats over the years.​

While we still use MicroStation at times today, AutoCAD and Tekla is very much in use within our office.


We have been using Tekla Structures since 2007 on some of our more complex projects.  We are capable of creating custom components for use in special situations as well as providing steel models that can be exported to multiple formats including the universal .ifc format used in most 3-D CAD programs (including REVIT).


Want to add your architectural model to our steel building model to find clash issues? No problem. Shared models using Trimble Connect can handle multiple modeling files and put them together to create a complete structure before breaking ground. 


The viewer can be a great asset in the planning phases as well as in the field to supplement the building process. Contact us for more about Trimble Connect.

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